I love the element of chance inherent in the cyanotype process; it so often results in surprising details.

I am Andra Martine and Thomas Patrick is my partner. I am fascinated by alternative photography, traditional craft, and the abstract beauty in everyday objects. Using the cameraless cyanotype photography process, I hand print fabric and paper for unique accent pillows, pouches and cards in Prussian blue and white. My photogram compositions include plant clippings from our yard, familiar items from our home, and curiosities found during our wanderings in and around Los Angeles. Because my cyanotype prints are traces of our lives, I think of them as a form of self-portraiture.

Cyanotype Process

I hand treat fabric and paper to make it photosensitive, compose objects on top of the treated surface, then expose the composition to the bright midday sun to print silhouettes directly onto the surface. Because it is a direct printing process, each sun-kissed print is completely unique. The final image is only revealed as I develop the print in water. I handcraft the printed fabric into stunningly distinctive pieces.


Before making art myself, I studied art history. I learned the cyanotype process as a fellow in the education department of a photography museum, where I combined lectures with hands-on workshops. I continue to develop my skills by experimenting with different printing and dyeing processes. I first learned to sew from my grandmother, whose pinking shears hang on the wall of my home studio at the foot of the Hollywood Hills.


I am committed to using environmentally responsible materials whenever possible: organic cotton fabric, recycled paper, and soft pillow inserts made from recycled plastic bottles.



Martine & Patrick cyanotype pieces can be found at the following shops and events. If you are interested in stocking our work, please get in touch.



Los Angeles County Store

Renegade Craft Fair, Los Angeles, Dec 2016

Jackalope Art Fair, Pasadena, Nov 2016

Unique LA, April 2016

Cyanotype Pillow